Frequently Asked Questions

All of our programs operate rain or shine. If it is raining on the day of your tour, we can supply lots of extra layers including rain jackets to keep you nice and warm on the water. If the weather were to be considered dangerous in nature by our staff (i.e., high winds and/or thunderstorms), then your program would be cancelled and you would be notified via phone. In the case of company cancellation due to weather, clients are offered the option to reschedule to another date that works for them, or a full refund. 
Our guided kayaking tours and sightseeing boat tours are the programs available to those who do not have the ability to swim to ensure a safe experience on the water. All kayak rental clients must have the ability to swim and feel comfortable being in the water for short periods of time. Although clients are required to wear PFDs at all times, the ability to swim is mandatory for a safe rental experience. If a capsize were to occur during a self-guided kayak rental, the paddler must be able to confidently swim and remain calm in order to get back into their kayak. 
If you are bringing your own kayak to use on a guided program, your kayak must meet the following requirements: is at least 12 feet long and has front and rear compartments sealed by bulkheads. As long as this is the case, clients are more than welcome to use personal kayaks during our programs. Please note that the use of personal kayaks must be cleared by our staff ahead of time to first, confirm all requirements are met, and second, adjust the booking to the appropriate kayak allocations. 

Our staff complete a rental orientation prior to your launch where we review the safety equipment, teach the basic paddling strokes, provide a map with route suggestions, and also help you launch into the water. We prep you with all of the information you need to know before your rental, and can also answer any last minute questions!
All of our kayaks come equipped with passes to the National Park islands, so you are welcome to beach your kayak on these islands without having to worry about paying additional fees. All self-guided kayak rentals will receive a map to take with you on your journey, which will have the National Park islands clearly labelled. The National Park islands also have composting toilets on them for those needing a washroom break. There is nothing for purchase on the National Park islands, and therefore it is recommended that all visitors bring food and water with them. Any islands not designated as National Park islands are privately owned and you are therefore not permitted to land on them.