Boreal Sedna

The Sedna’s arched hull shape and waterline length have been designed to provide stability and predictable behavior. The Sedna is easy to handle, requiring minimum effort to maintain a good cruising speed. These characteristics are sure to appeal to the day or weekend paddler who love to go exploring in all weather and water conditions, without needing the storage necessary for a 17’ kayak.

Length Width Cockpit Kayak Weight (rudder) Recommended weight of paddler
15′-0″ (457.2cm) 23.3″ (59.1 cm) 16.1″ x 32.5″ (82.5cm x 41cm) 65.9 lbs (29.9 kg) 120 to 225 lbs (55 to 102 kg)
Recommended load limit Total Volume Type of Chine Skeg or Rudder Béluga skirt size
260 lbs (118 kg) 103 gal us (390 l) Soft RUDDER Large