Boreal Inukshuk

The Inukshuk combines elegance and performance. It is unquestionably the fastest kayak in its category. This comfortable and spacious kayak features a low profile offering minimal wind resistance, making the Inukshuk easy to control regardless of the pilot’s skill level.

Length Width Cockpit Kayak Weight Recommended weight of paddler
17′-0″ (518.16 cm) 23.2″ (59 cm) 15.7″ x 30.5″ (77.5cm x 40cm) 69 lbs (31.3 kg) 120 to 225 lbs (55 to 102 kg)
Recommended load limit Total Volume Type of Chine Steering System Béluga skirt size
348 lbs (158 kg) 106 gal us (400 l) Soft RUDDER Large