Group Trips

Build strong teams with 1000 Islands Kayaking!

If you are a member or co-ordinator for a social club or youth organization our day and overnight trips are a great, hassle free opportunity to get on the water. Groups with eight to 36 participants qualify for special group rates.

Perfect for… 

  • sport and social clubs
  • field naturalists, photography, bird watching
  • Scouts Canada, Girl Guides, boys and girls clubs
  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters
  • Community Living
  • church groups
  • private family parties
  • weddings, bachelor / bachelorette parties
  • professional development + retreats

If you have a special occasion or are just looking for a unique way to get together for an active, fun and memorable experience, give us a call to discuss your plans. We can build a custom program for your group that meets your timeline and purpose of the trip.

Booking Procedure

When you are ready to book your group, please give us a call to explore potential dates, numbers of participants and discuss any special objectives you would like to get out of the day. We will send you a promotional flyer and confirmation package to distribute to your groups to help build excitement and explain the details of the trip.

Please note that every participant will be required to fill out a medical history form and submit it to us confidentially on-line. We will contact you 48 hours prior to trip departure to confirm who has completed their registration. If there are individuals missing from this list, please contact them directly and ensure they submit this necessary information.

Individual or Group Payment

If you would like to pay as a whole group, cash, cheque or any major credit card can be accepted at the departure point. Participant numbers will be finalized 48 hours prior to the trip and will appear on the invoice. Please call us directly for last minute participant additions to ensure we can accommodate them.

If members are paying individually, we accept credit cards over the phone and payment in full is required to confirm registration. Please view our policies page for information on cancelations and dangerous weather.

Custom programs must be comprised of eight or more individuals, otherwise regular day trip or overnight rates apply.


Adult full-day: $110 + HST
Child full-day: $85 + HST
Adult half-day: $65 + HST
Child half-day: $45 + HST

Additional Details
  • Full day group tours include our famous lunch buffet on a Thousand Island National Park island.
  • Youth social groups are allowed one free supervisor volunteer for every 16 youth participating. Each additional supervisor will pay either $85 + tax for a full day youth trip or $45 + tax for a half day trip.
  • Maximum group size is 64 youth and 4 volunteers—the group splits into four groups of 16 youth with one supervisor per group.