Self-Guided Rentals

Explore the islands on your own! Our rental packages are designed to fully outfit you for an enjoyable day or weekend on the water. Everything from the coast guard required equipment, detailed maps, recommended routes, emergency contact information, national park beaching permits and high end touring kayaks are included and waiting for you at the launch site.

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Cancellation Policy for Rental Packages | Safety Considerations | What to Bring for Rentals

Rental packages are flexible to meet your schedule ranging from three-hour to week-long excursions. If you have a cottage in the area with family visiting, two kayaks for the week can be a great addition to the family vacation! Kayaks can launch from our location or you can transport them to wherever you intend on paddling.

Included in self-guided packages:

  • Touring, tandem, youth or recreational kayak
  • Paddle and sprayskirt
  • Personal floatation device (Coast Guard approved)
  • Rope, pump, whistle (all Coast Guard regulations)
  • 1000 Islands maps and emergency contact Information
  • Self-rescue paddle float (if requested)
  • Thousand Islands National Parks Beaching Permits (day-use only)

Camping is allowed on some Thousand Island National Park islands for a fee. Camping and firewood fees as well as payment options are available on the Parks Canada website.

Additional Information
  • Half-day rentals are for 3 hours upon arrival
  • Full-day rentals are an entire day from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Overnight rentals are from day 1 at 9 am to day 2 by 4:30 pm
  • Full-weekend rentals are from day 1 at 9 am to day 3 by 4:30 pm
  • Additional nights based on availability
  • Walk-ins are welcome, however reservations are recommended

*Please note, our minimum rental is 3 hours and due to our boats needing to be back by 4:30 pm, the last rental will go out at 2 pm. Please plan accordingly to make the most of your experience on the water*

Paddlers require some experience to paddle in the 1000 Islands, and venturing off on your own comes with some risks. There are busy boating channels, cruise ships, freighters, strong currents, fast changing weather and 1,864 islands to navigate in.

Even if you have been paddling for several years, it is not uncommon for paddlers to run into unexpected situations. We recommend you have a certification course before renting equipment for your own kayaking adventures in the 1000 Islands.

If you do not have a certification course, our guided tours will prove very worthwhile with the added safety and detailed knowledge of the river’s vibrant ecology, fascinating history and unique geology. Our ‘Local Flavours’ island lunch is incredible and our guides can take you right into the hidden beaches and marshlands that you may otherwise miss on your own.

Single Kayak Package
Half-day: $45 + tax/fees
Full-day: $55 + tax/fees
2-day: $95 + tax/fees
3-day: $135 + tax/fees
Additional nights: $35 + tax/fees

Tandem Kayak Package
Half-day: $75 + tax/fees
Full-day: $95 + tax/fees
2-day: $135 + tax/fees
3-day: $185 + tax/fees
Additional nights: $45 + tax/fees

For additional storage consider renting our expedition tandem kayaks, the Current Designs Libra XT. Add $10 + tax/fees per day to the regular tandem pricing and enjoy the extra space for packing!

Camping EQUIPMENT Rentals

For self guided camping trips, we can help outfit you with high end touring kayaks and related paddling gear. Detailed maps are included, however, paddling in the 1000 Islands comes with its own set of risks. We recommend you have a certification course and are proficient in navigation, kayak rescue and wilderness camping before embarking on your own trip through the 1000 Islands. Many paddlers begin their trip by registering in our full day tour. This gives you the opportunity to see many of the highlight points of interest, have an area safety briefing and get detailed advice from our guides about potential routes. After a full day on the water with our staff, you will be better equipped to rent our boats for as many days as you wish to continue to explore the 1000 Islands.

Camping Equipment Package
Cost: $55 + tax/fees per night, includes:

  • 3-person tent
  • 2 sleeping mattresses
  • Camp stove
  • Pot set and kitchen ware
  • Dishwashing kit
  • Kitchen tarp and rope

Sleeping bags are not available for rental packages for hygiene reasons. Please bring your own.

We recommend that you pack bottled water for camping in the 1000 Islands. Pack at least 4L/person/day.

Cancellation Policy for Rental Packages

CLICK HERE TO READ OUR COMPLETE CANCELLATION POLICY. The 1000 Islands is a beautiful place to explore and the summer season is ideal. During our peak season of July and August, we will put many rentals on the water, selling out on most long weekends. Due to the nature of the short season and high demand for rentals, we require a minimum of 48 hours to cancel or alter a rental booking. If cancellation/alteration occurs with less than 48 hours notice, we are unable to provide a refund. For cancellations of more than 48 hours, a refund less a 25% administration fee will be issued. This includes sudden medical problems or family emergencies.

If 1000 Islands Kayaking cancels a program due to weather or insufficient registration, we will offer to alter your date, free of charge, or provide you with a full refund if requested.

We are experiencing difficulties with the Firefox Browser please use an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome to request a booking. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We will do our best to respond to requests within 24-hours. If you would like to register for a program, you must call the office 613-329-6265.

Safety Considerations

Before your self guided tour it is important to understand and acknowledge the risks involved and to develop a trip plan. The following questions are to help prepare you for your trip. Please read and fill in each question to help prepare you for your trip. If you have questions about any of  the questions, feel free to contact us or ask our staff when you arrive.

Question 1: How can you tell when you are approaching a boating channel and what is the safest way to get across?

Question 2: If your boat tips over in deep water, how would you get back in? You are with at least 1 other paddler and not within swimming distance to shore.

Question 3: If the weather changes for the worse while you are on the water, where would you go? Download our maps and plan your take out options.

Question 4: If you or someone in your rental has an injury that requires assistance, what is your plan to get help?

Click here to view maps of the area. Please review Key Map 2.4, as this is the area you’ll be departing from.

What to Bring for Rentals

Please bring a change of clothes for after your day on the water. We can provide you with a waterproof dry bag for any additional items you wish to bring on the water. If you have any concerns about additional items or the storage capacity of our boats, please contact our office.


  • Sun hat
  • Toque (spring and fall)
  • Sunglasses with strap

Upper body

  • Quick-dry long-sleeve and/or athletic wear (polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc)
  • Fleece jacket or pullover (spring and fall)
  • Please try to avoid cotton and please, no heavy cotton hooded sweatshirts
  • We provide wind/rain jackets

Lower body

  • Quick-dry shorts or pants, bathing suits and/or athletic wear (polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc)
  • Jeans or heavy cotton pants are not recommended (no sweat pants)

Feet and fands

  • Wet shoes, sandals with straps or sneakers to wear while kayaking (no shoes or boots – your feet will get wet)
  • Neoprene gloves are acceptable accessories (spring and fall)
  • Lip balm (with UV protection)


  • Lunch, snacks and plenty of water for your self-guided kayaking adventure
  • Cell-phone (for contact purposes. A pelican protective case can be provided free of charge to protect your phone)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Camera (waterproof casing and strap)

We provide…

  • Touring kayaks
  • Kayaking and safety equipment
  • Wind/rain jackets
  • Dry bag (to store extra clothing)
Shuttle Services
  • Power boat shuttles to any National Park Island west of Ivy Lea Bridge includes drop-off/pick-up of equipment to any National Park island. Please click here for more information.
  • Land Transportation: One way fee is a minimum of $50 + tax/fees.  Additional mileage fees are added beyond 30 km radius of Gananoque.