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Learning By Doing

Learning by doing is what experiential education is all about. 1000 Islands Kayaking provides a complete curriculum based, fun, outdoor leadership experience that develops qualities needed for tomorrow's leaders. Students will be challenged physically, emotionally, and spiritually to promote character building through leadership development.

Who Is This Program Good For?

Our Outdoor Education Programs are suitable for all students (Grades 7 and up), environmental clubs, sports teams, student councils, leadership camps, year end trips, professional development, teacher retreats, and STSE (Science, Technology, Society and Environment) Integration.

Beyond The Classroom

Learning beyond the classroom context affords the opportunity to relate to the broader community and develop a keener sense of place. Students focus and build on their strengths to develop meaningful relationships with peers and our environment. Research supports that outdoor experiential education promotes holistic development of the individual, through activity and reflection, leading to greater self-awareness and new perspectives.*

The kayaking experiences provide students with the building blocks to move forward as capable, confident and self-aware young people.

*Chawla, L. (1998) Significant life experiences revisited: A review of research on sources of environmental sensitivity. Environmental Education Research. 4(4), 369-382.

Our Team

All of our instructors are nationally certified professionals who exceed school board standards in safety certificatons. We will assist you with all the documentation to meet the risk management requirements of your school board, in order to make your experience as easy and worry free as possible.

What Will You Experience?

On this adventure, students will experience a personal glimpse into the 1000 Islands geology, history and ecology through visits to historical sites and ecologically significant areas. They will be able to observe the ever-changing natural flora and fauna while being physically active and emotionally engaged. Actual trip routes may vary because of wind, water and weather conditons, and participants' age, experience and skill level.

This is a great opportunity to show students the beauty of our landscape, connect to our heritage and build strong relationships with nature.

Students may visit and learn about:

  • Sunken ships & Half Moon Bay
  • Ancient sandstone and granite cliff formations
  • Endangered and exotic species within the natural biosphere
  • Osprey and bald eagle recovery program
  • Optional biosphere and historical hikes on Thousand Islands National Park islands


Our program offers to your students:

  • Equipment overview, expectations and safety procedures.
  • A chance to develop safety awareness, judgement and foresight.
  • Essential strokes and boat control.
  • Experiential activities to engage fun learning.
  • Natural History and Geology
  • A chance to intimately get to know the area through unique experiences it has to offer.
  • Customized programming developed to cater to teacher and student needs, goals, and expectations.


Price: $45 + HST per student and additional supervisor

*For every 16 students, one parent volunteer or teacher supervisor will be provided the trip free of charge.

Multi-day Programs and Overnight Camping Programs are also available. Please call our office for additional information and pricing!


Cancellation Policy for School Ages Programs:

In order to encourage a quality experience for our paddlers, 1000 Islands Kayaking insists on a ratio of 1 instructor to 8 students, during our School Aged Programs. The maximum number of participants for the School Aged Program will be 64 students. Due to the logistics and planning for these larger programs, we are happy to adjust the invoice, for cancellations and additions, up to one week prior to the trip date. If cancellation occurs within one week or less, of the intended trip date, a refund will not be issued. 

Please understand that even if you have a sudden medical problem or family emergency, we are unable to adjust the invoice, unless proper notice is provided. 

Our School Aged Programs will operate rain or shine, with lots of water based and land based activities.

If 1000 Islands Kayaking cancels a program due to weather, we will offer to alter your dates, free of charge, or provide you with a full refund.


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Thousand Islands Kayaking is located in Gananoque, Ontario.  It is centrally located in the heart of the 1000 Islands and serves a vast region including Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston, Belleville, Ottawa and surrounding areas.