Leek Island


This photo was taken by Melissa at Leek Island. The island is known by Parks Canada as 'Thwartway Island,' even though the charts say Leek and is commonly refered to as Leek. This island has two beautiful sandy beaches and is a perfect destination for a day paddle on a sunny day. 

Beautiful Weekend


We've had some beautiful days for paddling this past week. Fingers crossed the sun stays out this week!

Map Turtles


Here's a group of Map Turtles enjoying the sun this week! These turtles are known for basking and piling on top of each other in several layers. Map Turtles get their name from the lines on their shell that resemble contour lines on a map. Did you know? Females can grow up to twice the size of males in length and have powerful jaws for crushing the shells of molluscs, which is their primary food source. These turtles, along with Painted Turtles can be seen while paddling through turtle tunnel. 

First school group of the year

DSCF7251 Medium

We had our first school group come out Sunday for the afternoon. Of course a massive water fight was in order! A lot of school groups coming out within the next few weeks- more water fights to come. 

Great start to the paddling season!

DSCF7252 Medium

Happy May long weekend everyone! We had a few guided tours out this weekend and lots of rentals. Hope everyone got the chance to get outside to enjoy the sunshine. No need to wait for summer (will it ever come?!) enjoy the water this spring!


Furry Friends

One (of many) of the best things about kayaking- getting this close to wildlife without scaring them off with a motor. Colin took this awesome picture at Brockville Kids Camp last week.


Triumph! This family had a great day on the water yesterday with water fights and tipping each others boats. Who says you have to be nice to your family?!

Happy Paddling (and tipping)! 

A great lunch after a windy paddle

With wind gusts up to 50 km/h yesterday, (July 19) our paddlers had a bit of windy day! But of course, got to relax on Beau Rivage island and enjoy  a gourmet lunch prepared by their guide, Trevor.